Twenty Years Ago: The Best of 1996

Ten of the best from 1996


Katatonia: A Fair Deal

Audio interview with Jonas Renske


Logan Mader: More Human Than Human

“We are very serious about establishing this as a real band”

Once Human Richard Marz
Hadal Maw Ian Ritter
Hadal Maw drop Newie

First track from new album unleashed

By Brian Giffin / 1 day ago
Naberus 1600x800 702x336
Naberus Torch the Sky

Third song from new album released

By Brian Giffin / 3 days ago
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Ruins Undercurrent
Ruins: Undercurrent

Not a bad track to be found

By Scott Finch / 4 days ago
Animals as Leaders: The Madness of Many

A step forward in the world of ambitious music

By Daniel Jaramillo / 1 week ago
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Deftones At Riverstage Brisbane Riverstage, Brisbane QLD November 13, 2016
By Charlyn Cameron / 2 weeks ago
Destroyer 666 (19)
Deströyer 666 at Max Watt’s House of Music Max Watt's House of Music, Moore Park NSW November 5, 2016
By Fiona McDonald / 3 weeks ago
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