Deniz Tek: It's a Knockout

“No one can sing like Iggy”

600 Tekwilliamson

Body Count: Back in the Hood

Bands like Living Colour didn’t support us. They didn’t like us using the word ‘nigger’.

Body Count Band Photo 2017

Hollow World: Plague of Humanity

“I wrote the kind of lyrics that I would really like to read if someone else wrote them”

Hollow World Promo
Flaming Wrekage
Flaming Wrekage tour Shut Down

Aussie band kicked out of Indonesia

By Brian Giffin / 15 hours ago
Wolfmother Hitching up the Caravan

Gypsy Caravan tour from April 21

By Brian Giffin / 18 hours ago
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Desecrator To The Gallows (300x300)
Desecrator: To the Gallows

Aussie thrashers show why they are top of the local heap

By Dan Southall / 1 day ago
Obituary: Obituary

Sure to make fans grin with excitement

By Dan Southall / 4 days ago
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Kvlts 32
Aftershock March 2017 Bald Faced Stag Hotel, Sydney NSW March 25, 2017
By Mick Goddard / 3 days ago
Marduk (6)
Direct Underground Fest at Factory Theatre Factory Theatre, Marrickville NSW March 17, 2o17
By Brendan Delavere / 1 week ago
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