Napalm Death: A Bellyful of Rage

“Some very charismatic people in the 1930s in Europe used that kind of language to lead to a situation that was effectively mass murder”

Napalm Death

Seether: War and Peace

“Every night you want to bring your best to the audience and you kind of want to show the band you’re touring with, what your best is”

Seether Bandphoto Final

The Casanovas: Rock N Roll Over

“Damo and I were joking that we should do some kind of publicity stunt and play a show on a rooftop somewhere, and get arrested”

The Casanovas
Lee Kerslake
R.I.P. Lee Kerslake

Uriah Heep, Ozzy Osbourne drummer dead

By Brian Giffin / 2 days ago
WAAX in the Grief Stream

Live stream show in October

By Brian Giffin / 2 days ago
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Amaranthe: Manifest

Non-threatening, utterly generic pop-metal

By Brandon Graham / 22 hours ago
853814 By Paul Southwell / 5 days ago
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The Neptune Power Federation RH 03
The Neptune Power Federation at Crowbar Crowbar, Leichhardt NSW September 4, 2020
By Rod Hunt / 1 week ago
Amyl And The Sniffers RH 09
Amyl & the Sniffers at the Factory Factory Theatre, Marrickville NSW March 13, 2020
By Rod Hunt / 6 months ago
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