More piss and vinegar than should be allowed

What would happen if you took the last 20 years of hardcore’s more distinct bands/releases and threw it all at the wall to see what stuck? 156/Silence that’s what. Everything from Converge to The Dillinger Escape Plan with a healthy dose of the manic and self-destructive The Chariot filtered through a lens of current scene leaders Code Orange, with more piss and vinegar than should be allowed for their own safety.

Wasting no time getting into squalling riffs, High Dive in a Low Well does little to ease the listener in, the vocals a low mumble before the chaos that is set to follow for the next 30 odd minutes drops with a pummelling as the vocals then become a raw, pained shout.

Lost Visual is the only let up in the frenetic energy as the band let some melody take the reins, even if for only a short period. It is a welcome let up in the super high energy levels on display as the track weaves in and out, pulling the listener violently back and forth between lush Deftones guitar tones and the chaotic footprints that are everywhere else across the album.
Leaving some of the best until the end, the title tracks begins the descent into something altogether different before 156/Silence unleash Denouement, all clean guitars as soft clean vocals are layered over the raw voice that has dominated the previous 25 minutes, adding an entirely new dimension to the next step in the evolution of the band.

Those with memories of the early Norma Jean or Converge releases may be surprised at the relative youth of the band, having only been around for a few years and releasing one album before this that, while a little wild, feels restrained in comparison. Wearing all their influences proudly, perhaps even a little too much so, resulting in a loss of identity as this album could so easily be from the halcyon days of experimental hardcore and metalcore in the early 2000s until that final track comes in and adjusts the focus. Add this band to your list of newer bands that need to be watched.
1. High Dive in a Low Well
2. God’s Departure
3. Taste Of Ashes
4. Upset / Unfed
5. Lost Visual
6. Problem Addict
7. Conflict of Interest
8. By A Thread (I Suspend)
9. Irrational Pull
10. Denouement