Just plods along at a single pace

Emerging with a from the musical primordial ooze of LA, 3teeth have been banging away making an industrial racket since the release of their first album in 2014, when they were possessed of a menacing sound predominantly part-early Marilyn Manson (when he was still menacing more than his audience) and early Nine Inch Nails when that band had both a point to prove and people to piss off.

The main difference between here is a distinct lack of musical variety, at least on this album.  Metawar  just plods along at a single pace with no real dynamic to speak of.  They maybe pushing a strong political message lyrically, but the music doesn’t help raise the heightened awareness being sought.

The mechanical grip isn’t lifted until ALTÆR that fizzles with a contained energy, the first real change in texture on the album, removing the drone and adding an element of musicality within the desolate sounds that surround it.

Industrial metal can be a difficult thing to get right. Many a band has tried and failed. While the vision displayed on 3three’s previous releases may have pointed in a direction such as this, the band has settled for a more polished digestible sound here, to the detriment of their vision.  The excitement in the music has gone.

  1. Hyperstition
  2. Affluenza
  3. Exxxit
  4. American Landfill
  5. President X
  6. ALTÆR
  7. Time Slave
  8. Bornless
  9. Surrender
  10. Sell Your Face 2.0
  11. Blackout
  12. The Fall
  13. Pumped Up Kicks