Releasing two albums concurrently is a pretty ballsy move in anyone’s language, even more so these days when music can be accessed and consumed so immediately. So the decision to release twenty tracks across two albums could not have been taken lightly by Demon Hunter, but is something the band has commented that they felt needed to be done.

As a consequence we have the War album consisting of heavier material and Peace with, you guessed it, the lighter ballad and rocky material the band also enjoy doing.

Personal taste tends to lean towards the heavier end of their musical spectrum, so naturally the first album I approached was the War album. Straight away it’s the bands signature modern metalcore blazing away and vocalist Ryan Clark sounding the angriest he has for a few albums.

The whole album is pretty standard modern metal, and not in a demeaning way. If you enjoy anything in the modern heavy spectrum, this album will hold your attention. ‘Unbound’, ‘No Place for You Here’ and the 1999-titled ‘Leave Me Alone’ being the pick of the bunch alongside the opening track. Yes, this a band tagged with being religious, but fear not. Demon Hunter have never been overtly preachy in their approach. ‘The Negative’ is the heaviest track here, and the nearest to being preachy, although the lyrics are left up to interpretation.

Peace leaves a fair bit to be desired.  This is a slower, more rock oriented affair, with the biggest issue being that Demon Hunter have never done slow music as well as the heavier stuff. Put this on with your metal hating family/mates/partner in the vicinity, so you can feel better about yourself that you are listening to something remotely heavy.  Business as usual as far as track listing goes, the album starts strongly with ‘More Than Bones’ and ‘I Don’t Believe You’ forming a solid one two opening punch before it all sinks into samey mediocrity.

This isn’t the worst pop orientated album you are going to hear all year, and it isn’t unenjoyable in small bites, but the over produced vocals do certainly take their toll eventually. War on the other hand is out to completely win you over and add a little colour to your blackened heart, and as such is the only one you really need to pay attention to or invest in.


  1. Cut To Fit
  2. On My Side
  3. Close Enough
  4. Unbound
  5. Grey Matter
  6. The Negative
  7. Ash
  8. No Place for You here
  9. Leave Me Alone
  10. Lesser Gods


  1. More Than Bones
  2. I Don’t Believe You
  3. Loneliness
  4. Peace
  5. When the Devil Comes
  6. Time Only Takes
  7. Two Ways
  8. Rescue Myself
  9. Bet My Life
  10. Fear is Not My Guide