Unleashing more noise-rock insanity

Starting this duo with Michael McClellan (Becoming The Archetype) not long after the dissolution of The Chariot in 2013, and quickly releasing an debut album In Humor And Sadness in 2014 to critical acclaim, metalcore madman Josh Scogin (The Chariot) unleashes more noise-rock insanity.

This group plays a more laidback or controlled version of the insanity that both musicians’ previous projects barely contained. Two Parts Viper opens with ‘Eventually We All Win’ with a tone reminiscent of Tool’s ‘Eulogy’ and making great use of Josh’s clean vocal approach before taking off into familiar musical territory around the half way mark.

‘Whether Terrified or Afraid’ shows more of Josh’s always entertaining cryptic lyrical approach with a great central refrain of “I could have been anyone from anywhere, but I chose to be me, from right here” made for the crowd environment, and proudly displaying the freedom they have spoken of persuing. The biggest changes to the formula begin around ‘Without Any Words (Only Crying and Laughter)’ with its very Nirvana feel. Something that matches the grunge element that was audible at times on the first album is really put on display throughout the album from here on, only resting in small places so the vocals can roar away manically. Electronics hold up ‘Life Has Its Design’ near the end of the album in an interesting twist on all of the music that has preceded to this point, but strangely not feeling out of place.

I could continue to write about the finer points of every track on this album, at the risk of boring you. So I will just stop here and advise you that every track is great, but don’t come into this expecting Norma Jean or The Chariot because this is not what this project has ever been about.

This genuinely sounds like a pair of musicians happily experimenting with whatever their sound is, and exceeding on every level. The rock duo thing has been done a bit in the last 10 years, but never like this, and never to this effect.

1. Eventually We All Win
2. Whether Terrified Or Afraid
3. Without Any Words (Only Crying or Laughter)
4. This Life is Old, New, Borrowed and Blue
5. No Montage
6. No Apologies
7. The Workers Are Few
8. Life Has Its Design
9. Death is a Lottery
10. What More Can I Say