A perfect stepping stone into their world of darkness

If you are unaware of who Abbath is by now, and how he got where he is in the musical world, perhaps you should quickly go look him up.  Coming to the fore as lead croaker in Immortal many moons ago before being unceremoniously pushed out (depending on who’s story you choose to believe) resulted in his solo/band project under his own name in 2016, a more than satisfactory album of black metal by one of the second wave’s more prominent characters.

Now with all the drama behind them and with a clean canvas to begin with, Abbath (the band) have constructed something that both sees their limitations stretched while remaining comfortably within the bounds fans will understand and love.  Opening Cinematic opener ‘Calm in Ire (Of Hurricane)’ sets a rather traditional windswept tone with musical palette of acoustic guitars playing wistfully and elegantly. Fear not – Abbath leave no one hanging too long before a military style battery of percussion introduces itself and Abbath himself strides into one’s ears, croaking as only he can before a great 80s style solo plays behind him.

Outstrider is built on the bones of almost anything anthemic that has come before it, building on the opening and using it as a platform.  Musical influences from the 80s in particular can be heard all over the place with great guitar work on every track evoking bands from Raven to Iron Maiden.  D-beat even gets an honourable mention in the opening percussion of ‘The Artifex’, a track that shows itself as an early stand out for the musical moods it goes through in what feels like a short span. Comparisons can easily be made to the Abbath’s previous band and that he was 1/3 of the creative heart there is always going to be similarities no matter how hard he tried not to. Abbath mean business, and they need you to know that, and this album is a perfect stepping stone into their world of darkness and the many different things to come.

  1. Calm in Ire (Of Hurricane)
  2. Bridge of Spasms
  3. The Artifex
  4. Harvest Pyre
  5. Land of Khem
  6. Outstrider
  7. Scythewinder
  8. Hecate
  9. Pace til Death