Maybe their strongest material to date

As if to prove just how prolific and varying in sound they can be, The Acacia Strain has released a new album less than 7 months since their doom/sludge lesson in aural violence It Comes In Waves. This was originally drip fed via two track EPs that spelt out D E C A Y before announcing the album’s release with the final EP, Y.

After a slow building lead in, the band immediately set about changing the rules of their musical output once more. Feed a Pigeon Breed a Rat wastes little time dumping the tar thick atmosphere of their last release and sets about upping the heavy with pace and aggression straight from their earlier albums, with a venom aimed straight at the world as it currently spirals down the drain. This feeling of disdain for modernity and all we (possibly) deserve continues with the biting Crippling Poison through to The Lucid Dream, all carrying torches to help burn what is left of the world to ashes. The Lucid Dream finds Vincent Bennett trading some of his angriest vocals off with Jess Nyx (Mortality Rate) who sounds just as pissed off as she trades vocal blows, upping the aggression factor even more.

The only break offered is the sludgey I breathed in the smoke deeply, it tasted like death and I smiled that harkens back to the last album but carries the title of the toughest track in a long time. It all just picks up again driven more by hardcore than the band has ever let themselves be in the past, best exampled on On Thousand Painful Stings, all this while holding onto their distinct battering ram approach they have heavily built a firm reputation on.

This album is a good chapter to step in on if you have never heard The Acacia Strain before – it shows off all of their best assets. For fans, it may come across as a part two of last year’s surprise release, a darkness against something darker. In any case, this is another showing from a band that is almost twenty years into their career and putting out their strongest material to date.
1. Feed a Pigeon Breed a Rat
2. Crippling Poison
3. Seeing God
4. Solace And Serenity
5. The Lucid Dream
6. I breathed in the smoke deeply it tasted like death and I smiled
7. Crossgates
8. Inverted Poison
9. Chhinnamasta
10. One Thousand Painful Stings
11. Birds Of Paradise Birds Of Prey