The band have never sounded this motivated

Following their 2007 reunion tour, Accept were ready to continue on touring and possibly create a new album down the road.

Frontman Udo Dirkschneider did not share the same desires as the rest of the band, so making the best of a bad situation, the remaining members of Accept decided to carry on with a new frontman in former TT Quick vocalist Mark Tornillo, creating an album that represents the classic Accept sound for 2010 and onwards in Blood Of The Nations.

Despite the delay between releases, Blood Of The Nations shows no sign of laziness. It seems the band have gone to their back catalogue for some inspiration and it shows. When the opening riff tears out of the speakers in ‘Beat The Bastards’, everything that made Accept what they are is there, the heavy driving riffage (and solos), the solid rhythm section and the raspy, gravel-like vocal attack. You know you are in good hands.

The momentum doesn’t stop with that, as there is plenty on offer to keep both new and established fans satisfied. You have the material that could have proudly been placed on albums like Balls To The Wall and Metal Heart in the anthemic ‘Teutonic Terror’, ‘Locked and Loaded’, ‘Rollin’ Thunder’, ‘No Shelter’ and ‘Bucketful Of Hate’. But for everyone of those tracks, there are tracks that bring in something completely left-field such as the symphonic ‘Shades Of Death’, the acoustic-tinged ballad ‘Kill The Pain’, the ominous ‘New World Comin’’ and the epic yet catchy rocker ‘The Abyss’.

Despite having some huge shoes to fill, Tornillo goes above and beyond and delivers a hell of a vocal performance that pays much homage to Udo while putting his own stamp on Accept’s legacy at the same time. From a musical standpoint, the band have never sounded this motivated and tight. The credit for that could be given to producer Andy Sneap who is a well known Accept fan and encouraged the band to go back and analyze what made them what they are.

Overall, Blood Of The Nations is a positive representation of what Accept set out to achieve musically in 2010 and onwards without becoming a parody of themselves like many of the acts from their era are doing today.
1. Beat the Bastards
2. Teutonic Terror
3. The Abyss
4. Blood of the Nations
5. Shades of Death
6. Locked and Loaded
7. Kill the Pain
8. Rollin’ Thunder
9. Pandemic
10.  New World Comin’
11. No Shelter
12. Bucketful of Hate