Heavy metal at its finest

Nudging fifty years in the business now and Accept have always stood for one thing, and one thing only – heavy metal.

Since re-convening with Mike Tornillo almost 16 years ago, the German legends have been on a hot streak of releases, and Too Mean to Die is another to add the list. With Philip Shouse adding to the already formidable guitar assault, Accept spew a relentless stream of flint-hard riffs across the album, bolstered by a tight and heavy-hitting rhythm section and Tornillo’s raspy snarl.

Zombie Apocalypse rises Priest-like from the silence, complete with a Halford-style wail and the tone is set for Too Mean to Die‘s all-out metal attack. The title track is another offering of pure metal grunt, Overnight Sensation has a catchy hard rock element as it explores the hollowness of fame. Early highlight The Undertaker creeps along with the gritty feel and sinister tone of a track perfectly in tune with its subject matter.

The second half holds up just as well, from the crunch of Sucks to Be You to the pensive but uplifting The Best is Yet to Come and the blaze of guitar solos in instrumental close-out Samson and Delilah, this is heavy metal at its finest.

Accept no longer have anything to prove. They’ve been around metal for so long they helped to invent it, but they just keep coming up with the goods. Three weeks into 2021 and there’s already a benchmark.

  1. Zombie Apocalypse
  2. Too Mean to Die
  3. Overnight Sensation
  4. No One’s Master
  5. The Undertaker
  6. Sucks to Be You
  7. Symphony of Pain
  8. The Best is Yet to Come
  9. How Do We Sleep
  10. Not My Problem
  11. Samson and Delilah