Worth your hard earned dollars

Where to start? I could make it easy and say that this album is more metal than you’ll ever be and you should go buy it to prove to your friends that you aren’t lame.

But that is lame in itself. I’m going to refer back to previous Accept albums as little as possible because I think this current line-up is somewhat of a rebirth. 2010’s Blood of the Nations marked their highest selling album to date and the metal world rejoiced in all of its glory. Before hearing the newest offering Stalingrad it was uncertain how they would top it. However, the final product is slamming!

This album is hard to fault. Some songs may drag a little but with three less tracks than Blood of the Nations it’s not a deal breaker as the album flows almost flawlessly.  Although not over-the-top, the performances have definitely been taken up a notch. Wolf Hoffman has the tone of the gods in his fingertips and takes every opportunity throw another killer riff or solo our way. My favourite thing about this line-up has to be Mark Tornillo. He’s a brilliant addition. It’s Metal Law to respect Udo Dirkschneider, but Tornillo has an enthusiasm that I can’t recall previously.

With modern albums comes modern technology and its effect on this era of Accept is obvious with knob-turning extraordinaire Andy Sneap again at the helm and making sure the finished product is sterling. Love or hate his work, but it be can’t denied that it really works with these guys. Everything is crystal clear and in its rightful place without sounding forced or overdone like so much metal being produced these days often does. All of these songs will have you chanting along in true metal fashion, especially – but not only – the tracks ‘Against the World’, ‘Shadow Soldiers’ and ‘Stalingrad’.

Sure these guys have been around forever, but after 36 years they are still creating amazing metal. This album is worth your hard earned dollars.

1. Hung, Drawn and Quartered
2. Stalingrad
3. Hellfire
4. Flash to Bang Time
5. Shadow Soldiers
6. Revolution
7. Against the World
8. Twist of Fate
9. The Quick and the Dead
10. The Galley