An EP that will speak to hardcore fans

Whenever I am asked to review an album, regardless of the band’s genre, I of course try to remain as objective as possible, to provide a balanced review that is not full of one-sided opinions. When I am asked to review hardcore bands, remaining in that state of mind can sometimes prove to be harder than expected.

It is even harder when a press release describes the album as a record that is “set to shatter the spines of hardcore fans, mosh warriors and metal heads around the globe.” PR obviously has to drive the album, use key phrases to draw in people’s attention, but it’s hard to read statements like that and not feel let down when the album doesn’t quite live up to them.

Don’t get me wrong, Aftermath’s ‘Their Legacy, Your Burden’ is a heavy thing, showing little remorse in its six tracks. But does it shatter my spine? No. Many hardcore bands of today pride themselves as going against the grain, having that something different that separates them from the pack of hardcore bands out there. Sadly, most bands don’t actually have something different, and they all merely sound the same.

Unfortunately, ‘Their Legacy, Your Burden’ does just sound like any run-of-the-mill hardcore band. It’s not a horrible effort. Aftermath has created an EP that will speak to hardcore fans, and they’ll be sure to eat it up. But sometimes I wonder, is it enough? If a band appeals to their target audience, then they are doing their job. Adding a unique flavour to your sound, something that will separate you from the masses, though, surely couldn’t hurt.

Normally, I’d point out the highlight tracks on a record, and with an EP that can be hard as there are fewer to choose from. The reason why it’s hard to point out the highlights here is simply because I can’t find any. The tracks all blend together; rather than sounding like six individual songs, it sounds like one long one. The most interesting track would have to be the intro, and that’s just because of the sample pieces used before the music kicks in.

If you like your hardcore music heavy and generic than Aftermath’s ‘Their Legacy, Your Burden’ will keep you in happy moshing spirits. Sadly, despite the blast beats, heavy guitar riffs and recurring breakdowns, the spine of this reviewer remained un-shattered.

1. Intro
2. Their Legacy, Your Burden
3. Lies
4. Inheritance
5. Follower
6. Revenge AD