A band doing what it does best

Agnostic Front has seen a surge in attention in the last couple of years through a combination of strong albums, the release of front man Roger Miret’s autobiography (My Riot) and the documentary Godfathers of Hardcore that gave an insight into the life and working relationship of the band’s anchors, Miret and guitarist Vinnie Stigma.  This attention has also made the band take a look back at themselves and t heir long career, and where it has taken them.

The hardcore history lessons are provided throughout in typical voice and stomp from the outset with the quick one, two of Spray Painted Walls and Anti-Social showing off the crossover thrash and harder edge punk elements.  I Remember is Roger’s note to his brother in arms Stigma as he regales a couple of stories of how far Agnostic Front has come, no doubt inspired by the reflections of the film about them.

Never a band to stand back from issues that need addressing, Conquer and Divide and Dead Silence are punk songs tackling politics in the US and worldwide right now, whilst Urban Decay and Snitches Get Stitches display the more trademark tough guy attitude of NYHC and the roots of the band.

From any other band in hardcore, this would be a revisionist record, but in the hands of these veterans it feels right.  Like AC/DC who don’t have to change to be great, Agnostic Front know what they are good at, and focus on being the best at it.  This album covers every course they have ever attempted in its short 30 minute trip down memory lane, with its varied tales of punk and hardcore excess.  Simply put, this is a band doing what it does best, a healthy dose of older men looking back on their own lives.


  1. Spray Painted Walls
  2. Anti-Social
  3. Get Loud!
  4. Conquer And Divide
  5. I Remember
  6. Dead Silence
  7. AF Stomp
  8. Urban Decay
  9. Snitches Get Stitches
  10. Isolated
  11. In My Blood
  12. Attention
  13. Pull The Trigger
  14. Devastated