A love letter to his younger self

Alice Cooper is a long way past having to prove anything to anyone.

Not only has the man survived to a healthy age, but it has done it in the rock n roll scene born from a different kind of hedonism that has claimed so many artists since he first came to the world’s attention in the late 60s. This album is a love letter to a younger Alice Cooper, and the city that spat him and others of his ilk onto the stages of the world.

As such, it wastes no time laying out a traditional hard rock version of The Velvet Underground’s Rock & Roll, a track that speaks to any generation of music fan, but particularly at the early trendsetters that lead so many on a musical path that we all still find comfort in. I firmly believe this, otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this would you?

This is an album made for listening to in the front room of someone’s house on a scratchy old record player. It just oozes 70s cool that is easier to heard than it is by reading a handful of different reviews looking for an opinion that will trigger a response. The late 70s sass of $1000 High Heel Shoes doesn’t seem to fit the modern Cooper “mould”, but the cool just cannot be contained. Our Love Will Change the World’s garage pop sensibility is a sappy 60s vision that Alice Cooper must surely miss, meanwhile the rock swagger of Detroit City 2021 sees the man calling out other famous names and Independence Dave shows that no matter what he does, Alice Cooper is just one cool mother fucker and still has the best stories to tell in rock. He also isn’t afraid to show his heart: Hanging On By A Thread (Don’t Give Up) is a lending hand to the constant lockdown state that the world finds currently itself in.

Detroit Stories is everything he has ever attempted or wanted to do. Every track an instant hit in its own right as a snapshot of a man so on form that it would be surprising if he didn’t put out more albums like this while he can only bunker down together in a studio. This is a glorious homage to his hometown and friends that helped form and support the star that he has been for so many years – the surviving members of the original Alice Cooper play on a couple of tracks and Wayne Kramer is all over this- an album unhindered by the need for a conceptual story arc to link it all, and the big scary rock star dropping his guard to show his pure rock n’ roll talent without the famous schtick.

This Is Alice Cooper. If you have ever enjoyed any of his music at anytime in your life you will love this.

1. Rock n Roll
2. Go Man Go
3. Our Love Will Change the World
4. Social Debris
5. $1000 High Heel Shoes
6. Hail Mary
7. Detroit City 2021
8. Drunk and In Love
9. Independence Dave
10. I Hate You
11. Wonderful World
12. Sister Anne
13. Hanging on By a Thread (Don’t Give Up)
14. Shut Up and Rock
15. East Side Story