A soaring, searing arena rock powerhouse

Five albums in and Alter Bridge has carved out a genuine consistency that should be the envy of almost everyone.

Tremonti and Co. have always walked the line between metal and hard rock and The Last Hero is no exception, featuring a dynamic array of bristling metal-edged riffs that all threaten to bring the house down, locked in tight by the often over-looked rhythm section of Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips. Mark Tremonti and Myles Kennedy may be the stars, but they have these guys to thank for being such solid sidemen.

The album opens with a massive lead break from Tremonti who appears to be at his creative peak right now, as if writing and releasing two albums in a year is just pushing him to a new level: witness his soloing in “The Other Side”, for one, amongst the wealth of examples here.

The Last Hero sounds huge across the board, every track a soaring, searing arena rock powerhouse. Even the Creed-style power ballad “You Will be Remembered” and Kennedy’s bid for radio airplay “My Champion” are massive, offering little respite from the bombastic approach Alter Bridge takes here. The potency of the album’s over-arching message about the world’s current darkness and uncertainty cannot be understated, even if it gets somewhat diluted by Michael Baskette’s over-enthusiastic production and the feeling that, at over an hour and with every track clocking in at more than four minutes, The Last Hero does stick around a little too long.

Nevertheless, this is another strong performer from Alter Bridge, although newcomers to their fanbase may find it a tad overwhelming.

1. Show Me a Leader
2. Writing on the Wall
3. The Other Side
4. My Champion
5. Poison in Your Veins
6. Cradle to the Grave
7. Losing Patience
8. This Side of Fate
9. You Will be Remembered
10. Crows on a Wire
11. Twilight
12. Island of Fools
13. The Last Hero