Perhaps only for the American hard rockers’ growing throng of devotees

Plenty has happened in the Alter Bridge camp since they laid down this live DVD/CD in late 2008.

Frontman Myles Kennedy was enlisted as Slash’s touring vocalist. Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips reconvened turgid radio rockers Creed. The band changed labels again and released their best record thus far, AB III. Their landscape has (ahem) altered so much it’s arguable a follow-up DVD would be mandatory.

Regardless, Live from Amsterdam (released in selected territories a year or more ago) is still more than worthwhile, but perhaps only for the American hard rockers’ growing throng of devotees. Alter Bridge are a tight, polished live act; they might be missing a dash of danger, but have the hooks, presence and connection with the audience to carry them a long way. They also benefit from Kennedy and Tremonti’s chemistry, both as songwriters and on-stage. The former has a likeable, engaging demeanour (even if his request that fans wave their cell phones in the air is a tad much) and an even more commanding voice, his golden pipes soaring on “Before Tomorrow Comes” and “Metalingus”. Diverse guitarist Tremonti also displays a knack for metallic riffage during “Ties That Bind” that defies his other arena-packing outfit. The appreciative crowd make plenty of noise, especially during “In Loving Memory”, Tremonti’s tribute to his late mother. The production values are slick, without adding too much spick and span, while the audio only disc is an enjoyable, if standard companion piece. The European tour documentary is informative, but unlikely to demand repeat viewings.

Newbies would be better off starting with a studio record, but the initiated will get plenty of anthemic rock for their buck.

1. Intro
2. Come to Life
3. Find the Real
4. Before Tomorrow Comes
5. Brand New Start
6. White Knuckles
7. Buried Alive
8. Coming Home
9. One Day Remains
10. Watch Over You (acoustic version)
11. Ties That Bind
12. Blackbird
13. In Loving Memory
14. Metalingus
15. Open Your Eyes
16. Broken Wings
17. New Way to Live
18. Traveling Riverside Blues
19. Rise Today