A journey from heartbreak to happiness

Hailing from Sydney, Amends play an individual form of what is commonly considered alt-rock. Not musically very heavy, more aimed at the feels, allowing the lyrics to sink in a little more so the listener can run the same gamut of emotion any one track here does. Think along the lines of early Against Me! or latter day The Gaslight Anthem: music weighed down by its often heartbreaking content.

‘OK. Well I love you’ opens the album with a country feel, delicate strummed guitar and softly played piano as vocalist Luke opines the status of a relationship that is obviously on the rocks, a theme recurrent throughout. The weight of the opener is nothing as the next track ‘I Only Feel Alone Around Other People’ goes deeper. Perhaps the character in the first song has finally broken off the troubled relationship? Who knows, but now we find ourselves dragged ever deeper into a troubled mindset exploring the loneliness of depression, “the silver lining fades away” in the most heartfelt of ways.

Thankfully as the album goes on, the veil of depression slowly lifts and the songs begin to sound more uplifting. The middle of the donut is where all the jam is hidden anyway, isn’t it? ‘Hell’s Bells’ has an early grunge feel with some great guitar work hidden among the clatter,  helping to brighten the music around it. ‘Good Morning Missouri’ brings extra splashes of musical colour with an ever present harmonica (an instrument that needs to be used more in music somehow) and more great guitar to show the light at the end of this musical tunnel of darkness. ‘Searching For a Righteous Cause’ is the story of a person driven to play music, no matter the personal cost, with some terrific piano lead work.

As the album wraps up with ‘Everything Is Going To Be Alright’, it dawns on the listener that here a band has created a journey from heartbreak to happiness.  It all starts out so negatively, heading through the emotions of a character lamenting love lost, before slowly healing through friendship and focus of better things in the future.

The first couple of listens were hard to pick up on this as the lyrical depression drag it down early on. But with time to soak it all in, it gets better in the end.

  1. Well, I Love You
  2. I Only Feel Alone Around Other People
  3. To Be Young and Beautiful
  4. Hells Bells
  5. Nothing Worth Liking
  6. Searching For a Righteous Cause
  7. Slow Down
  8. I’m A Sinner
  9. Good Morning Missouri
  10. You Joined the Gang. You’re Culpable
  11. Everything Is Going to Be Alright