Unmemorable background-filling dross for the spoonfed

If there’s one thing that can be said about The Amity Affliction, it is that you now know exactly what you’re going to get.

Based on their reputation for being utterly predictable, one writer claims he reviewed this latest album without even listening to it first – and it turns out he was spot on.

While the other big guns in Australian music Parkway Drive have decided that it’s time to diversify and adapt their sound as their popularity increases, The Amity Affliction have done the exact opposite. The first four songs of This Could be Heartbreak are essentially exactly alike: chord progression, change-ups, structure – everything. It’s like Birch and Stringer just Pro-tooled and Auto-tuned different vocal tracks over the same songs while lying around in their respective bedrooms counting their money. The rest are instantly forgettable, cookie-cutter tracks that could have been on any of their last two records. There is literally nothing surprising or inventive about anything on this album – The Amity Affliction are officially the most predictable rock band on the planet, a band that has become so successful producing half-baked over-produced musical regurgitation they seem to have developed such contempt for their audience they can’t even be bothered pretending their songs are actually different anymore.

This Could be Heartbreak is the epitome of music for the masses, unmemorable background-filling dross for the spoonfed. And it will sell a truckload.

1. I Bring the Weather With Me
2. This Could be Heartbreak
3. Nightmare
4. Tearing Me Apart
5. O.M.G.I.M.Y.
6. All Fucked Up
7. Fight My Regret
8. Some Friends
9. Wishbone
10. Note to Self
11. Blood in My Mouth