Music to grow out of

If you aren’t aware of who Andrew W.K. is by now then you probably live near the same rocks I hide under.

I have known of his presence on the music scene since the early 2000s when his album I Get Wet exploded on an unsuspecting heavy music listening public. The party orientated music didn’t appeal to me then, time to see if anything has changed…

Things don’t look good as a drum roll and the constant mechanical refrain of “Party, Party, Party” opens intro ‘The Power of Partying’ but as it gives way to powerful instrumentation, it begins to feel more like the introduction to some kind of wellness seminar.

The keyboard heavy opening riff of ‘Music is Worth Living For’ is like the clone of one of Devin Townsend’s poppier tracks, with lyrics about not taking a love of music for granted. The falsetto refrain almost matches the keyboards into a catchy as some uncomfortable STD chorus that still sounds like a DTP outcast. Sure it’s poppy and happy sounding, but there is something uncomfortable in that sugary sweetness.

Andrew W.K. has spent his time away from recording doing all kinds of different things, amongst them he has taken up including motivational speaking. And that line of work has crept into the lyrics here, surrounded by strange J-Pop/metal more sugary then the production line a chocolate factory. As the album continues, that overly sugary music completely buries the overpoweringly positive lyrical content.

When the music is good, the lyrics are bad, and vice versa; this is music to grow out of. If you want your spirits lifted with decent music and positive, powerful lyrics, I suggest you go straight to the good stuff – you know, Henry Rollins, H2O, the Bouncing Souls, Suicidal Tendencies and all of the melodic HxC stuff that has been around for a long time like an old friend waiting with a cold beer.

  1. The Power of Partying
  2. Music is Worth Living For
  3. Ever Again
  4. I Don’t Know Anything
  5. The Feeling of Being Alive
  6. Party Mindset
  7. The Party Never Dies
  8. Give Up On You
  9. Keep Going
  10. In Your Darkest Moments
  11. The Devil’s on Your Side
  12. Break The Curse
  13. Total Freedom
  14. Beyond Oblivion
  15. Confusion and Clarity
  16. You’re Not Alone