Sometimes thrashy, occasionally cheesy but always pure metal

Through 30+ years of blood, sweat and tears, Anvil have poured their heart and soul into their craft.

Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow and Robb Reiner deserve respect for maintaining the rage and on the Canadians’ 15th studio album, they’ve earned it. Sometimes thrashy, occasionally cheesy but always with that pure metal sound, Hope In Hell should be a welcome addition to any true metalhead’s collection.

The title track kicks off proceedings and the wall of sound is monstrous. Lips may not be the greatest of vocalists and the lyrics won’t win any poetry awards, but with an insatiable enthusiasm and that old school attitude, Anvil can still deliver some terrific riffs. “Opinions are like assholes/Everyone’s got one” opines from the next track ‘Eat Your Words’. Perhaps the most apt lyrics quoted in a music review, but those aside the track is a thrash number that slams home the point.

‘Through With You’ is a ballsy rock anthem but the riff is so similar to ‘Smoke on the Water’ it will be interesting if more is made out of the astonishing similiarity down the track? ‘Pay the Toll’ and ‘Flying’ present more catchy riffs and killer solos; it’s a metal feast. Reiner’s drumming is first class throughout and the production of this album has enabled a classic raw sound that showcases the band’s skills.

‘Badass Rock N Roll’ harkens back to the ‘80s with an almost AC/DC meets Motörhead riff and melody. Infectious fervour exudes; it’s abundantly clear that Anvil is still having fun well into their veteran period.

‘Mankind Machine’ marches into the living room before the tongue in cheek ‘Shut The Fuck Up’ completes the album in rollicking thrash style, although the standard edition still comes with two tracks marked ‘bonus’. Still, the more Anvil... the better! It’s fun metal with clean musicianship and ragged vocals. It’s the album Megadeth should have made.
1.         Hope In Hell
2.         Eat Your Words
3.         Through With You
4.         The Fight Is Never Won
5.         Pay The Toll
6.         Flying
7.         Call Of Duty
8.         Badass Rock N Roll
9.         Time Shows No Mercy
10.        Mankind Machine
11.        Shut The Fuck Up
12.        Hard Wired (Bonus Track)
13.        Fire At Will (Bonus Track)