Quite possibly their best album yet

Finnish cello-rockers have released their seventh studio album, 7th Symphony, and it still sounds as fresh as they did on their first album almost 15 years ago.

The instrumental tracks have evolved greatly since their previous releases, being stronger and more dynamic. Once again, Apocalyptica have gathered amazing guest artists for the four vocal tracks on the album, namely Gavin Rossdale from Bush, Joe Duplantier of Gojira, Lacey Strum of Flyleaf and Shinedown’s Brent Smith. The vocal tracks don’t differ too much from what we’ve seen on previous releases, however. While they are enjoyable, they seem to limit what can be done with the cello, making them your average rock songs and less interesting compared to the instrumentals. That being said, the stand out vocal track on 7th Symphony, and probably the Apocalyptica discography, is “Bring Them To Light” featuring Duplantier. It’s the first time we hear the band take the instruments to a brutal level in vocal tracks, and Duplantier’s growls match it perfectly.

Apocalyptica also recruited Slayer’s Dave Lombardo to play drums on  “2010”. Lombardo’s well-defined power and talent on the drums is an asset to this song, making it one of the heavier tracks on the album. However Mikko Siren challenges Lombardo, with his own talent, pulling off amazing fills on the final track “Rage of Poseidon”.

The always interesting thing about Apocalyptica is their custom to never shy away from their classical side, and writing breathtaking classical pieces to place within an otherwise “metal” album. The tracks “Beautiful”, “Sacra” and “On The Rooftop with Quasimodo” are gorgeous, sorrowful and amazing pieces of music. In contrast to that are “At The Gates of Manala” and “Rage of Poseidon”, the book ends to the album, which are strong, epic masterpieces of both brutal drumming and heavy, yet beautiful cello.

7th Symphony is a definite must have for all Apocalyptica fans. It is quite possibly their best album yet, showing the evolution of song writing and their manipulation of the predominately classic instrument, the cello. Apocalyptica are always going that one step further with every release, creating some of the most interesting music out there today.
1. At the Gates of Manala
2. End of Me
3. Not Strong Enough
4. 2010
5. Beautiful
6. Broken Pieces
7. On the Rooftop With Quasimodo
8. Bring Them to Light
9. Sacra
10. Rage of Poseidon