A band truly at the peak of their powers

Taken from a successful livestream Architects performed in December ’22 this should feel like some kind of easy cash grab, but it doesn’t.

I once viewed live albums such as this, with added orchestral elements, harshly, and through a veil of hardcore and metal elitist snobbery. I recall the first time Metallica doing it in the late 90s with utter disdain, but with age comes a strange and mysterious kind of wisdom. The type of thing that you snarl at your elders about in your youth, though eventually it turns out they were right all along.

From a musical standpoint, Architects have done nothing to change their parts. The Parallax Orchestra have merely been invited to keep up with the band’s dynamic and naturally fatten up what is one of their best albums.

This creates the recording of an album just as some others before it, not just a lazy re-record with extra fluffy parts, but a complete re-imaging of how the album can sound. The heavy is always heavier and denser, while the lighter parts more emotional and textured.

As a live document this is a recording of a band truly at the peak of their powers. I would go so far as to recommend this album as a go-to example of just what Architects are capable of, including the odd vocal crack and musical mis-step that reminds the listener that this is indeed a live document.

1. Do You Dream of Armageddon?
2. Black Lungs
3. Giving Blood
4. Discourse Ii Dead
5. Dead Butterflies
6. An Ordinary Extinction
7. Impermanence
8. Flight Without Feathers
9. Little Wonder
10. Animals
11. Libertine
12. Goliath
13. Demi God
14. Meteor
15. Dying is Absolutely Safe