Five tracks of prime quality Australian metal

Seven years after making their recording debut, Melbourne’s Armoured Earth re-emerge from the murk of the Australian metal underground with their second EP. 

Empire is a collection of heavy-hitting tunes that display a solid grasp of their chosen style of assault. Ex-Frankenbok and Scar the Surface frontman Dan White brings experience and gravitas to his role here, showing off a wide range of vocal attack from a soaring KsE-style clean to a harsh, roaring growl.

Over the Edge offers off big catchy, grooving riffs, a heavy dose of thrash before a late swerve into early melodic metalcore, White bringing every nuance of his ability to the fore. Anthem of the Downtrodden is mid-paced chugga thrash, Unshackled straight up groove with a LOG vibe. Lead single Degradation to Vanity is unashamed metalcore, but heavy and dark and Fracture sees Armoured Earth working through all their guises, capping it off with some savage riffing and a ripping extended guitar solo.

Empire is nothing less than five tracks of prime quality Australian metal. Get it into you.

  1. Over the Edge
  2. Anthem of the Downtrodden
  3. Unshackled
  4. Degradation to Vanity
  5. Fracture

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