A perfect balance between traditional old school thrash and melodic elements

Danish outfit Artillery is back in 2013 with their seventh studio album Legions, which sees the strong and powerful vocals of newcomer Michael Bastholm Dahl and the drumming prowess of Joshua Madsen replacing singer Soren Ademsen and founding member Carsten Neilsen.

‘Chill My Bones’( Burn My Flesh) starts off with a Middle Eastern influenced tune before the riffs come powering through and an electrifying solo hits at around 2.18. The chorus with its menacingly heavy rhythm and the melodic tone of Dahl’s vocals stand out and makes for a pretty sweet first track. Heavy is taken to a whole new level with ‘Godfeather’, an absolute ripper of a track from start to finish – a metallic hurricane riff-fest with a slaying solo and a definite Testament/Whiplash likeness about it. ‘Legions’ is an energetic one with a lot going on, so many smooth transitions and distortions all building up into a typically furiously fast Artillery tune.

‘Global Flatline’ is a favorite of mine, rhythmically led with mid paced guitars, more proof of the ingenious work of the Stutzer brothers, Michael and Morten. ‘Dies Irae’ is by far the best track on this album, probably because of the charming melodic segments, slower riffs and a much more significant bass brilliance courtesy of Peter Thorslund. It’s like Manowar meets Gothenburg metal and it works.

Legions is definitely one of Artillery’s strongest albums, with more aggression and a perfect balance between traditional old school thrash and melodic elements with keys, a pleasant change but nothing too radical. Michael Dahl’s soaring, sometimes Dickinson-like vocals add to the awesome factor. Bottom line, if you’re a solo junkie with a love for everything thrash and speed metal with a passion for excessive riff-induced madness, Legions is the perfect album.

1. Chill My Bones (Burn My Flesh)
2. God Feather
3. Legions
4. Wardrum Heartbeat
5. Global Flatline
6. Dies Irae
7. Anno Requiem
8. Enslaved to the Nether
9. Doctor Evil
10. Ethos of Wrath