Not satisfying enough to go back to again

Artillery helped write the thrash metal playbook in the 80s when they became one of the first non-US thrash bands to come to prominence.

Three decades later, with a modern sound and a better vocalist, Artillery still know how to thrash. Unfortunately, they aren’t exactly setting the world on fire. There are eleven tracks on this album, and while none of them are duds, nothing stands out above the rest either. Penalty by Perception is really a bunch of pretty good but utterly generic modern thrash tracks that slowly become indistinguishable from each other – individually, they’re fine enough but the album doesn’t have the diversity or inventiveness to work as a suite of songs. The sameness of the riffing and the formulaic writing becomes tiresome well before the prophetically-named semi-balladic ‘When the Magic is Gone’ enters the picture. Only ‘Path of the Atheist’ holds a modicum of interest and that’s simply because it’s a little different to the rest of the tracks on the back half of the album; overall, the homogeneity of the song writing ensures that very little of it is memorable and it’s not satisfying enough to go back to again – Penalty by Perception is very average.

1. In Defiance of Conformity
2. Live by the Scythe
3. Penalty by Perception
4. Mercy of Ignorance
5. Rites of War
6. Sin of Innocence
7. When the Magic is Gone
8. Cosmic Brain
9. Deity Machine
10. Path of the Atheist
11. Welcome to the Mindfactory