Settles into a well worn formula

Asking Alexandria is band that has not been without their drama in over the last couple of years with the sudden departure of original vocalist Danny Worsnop, the introduction and prompt disappearance of new vocalist Denis Stoff and then the sudden re-emergence of Worsnop.

The band are quick to get the drama of the past out of the way with opener ‘Alone in a Room’ opening quietly before erupting into the modern bombast they are known for with Worsnop’s lyrics tackling his sudden departure from the band in an obvious nod to his intent to stick it out this time around.  The heavier ‘Into the Fire’ throws the shiny radio rock of the opener to the side and feels more akin to the band’s metalcore origins, while also holding to the more rock orientated direction that the band was moving in before Worsnop left the first time around.

From here Asking Alexandria settles into a well worn formula of loud/soft dynamics that fail leave an impression. The album isn’t without its hidden gems such as ‘Rise Up’ and ‘Where Did It Go?’ going for the pit anthem heavy and older sound of the band, but these are the only real highlights.

The band are no doubt striving to move their sound forward and the out of place ‘Empire’ with an appearance by someone called Bingx sounding like it belongs anywhere but on this album is the stand out example, with a rap/rock collaboration that feels like it belongs in 1999 somewhere, is more of a step back than forward musically. This album won’t go far in convincing well worn heavy music listeners that the band are any more than a gateway to heavier things for younger generation, and that isn’t all bad is it? We all started somewhere.

1. Alone in a Room
2. Into the Fire
3. Hopelessly Hopeful
4. Where Did it Go?
5. Rise Up
6. When the Lights Come On
7. Under Denver
8. Vultures
9. Eve
10. I Am One
11. Empire
12. Room 138