Lots of technicality, emotion, power and professional song writing

Born out of the ashes of Transcending Mortality, one of Sydney’s most lauded power metal acts and featuring three former members of that band, Avarin have reignited the flame that burned during their tenure.

Album opener “The Unwilling” moves through light and dark shifts that segue into a bombastic blast of groove and “A Shade of Doubt” flows along like something out of late 70’s/early 80’s Rush if they were heavier. The mid-tempo “By Her Grave” is reminiscent of later era Firewind, the insanely catchy, vibrant and upbeat “Turn of the Tides” possesses a chorus with more hooks than a fisherman’s tackle box (and tight yet flowing dual guitar work from James Draper and Jonathan Talan) and “Shadows and Miracles” is bright and dynamic with a driving rhythmic pulse.

Of course, they didn’t forget the truly heavier and faster side of things. “Burning Sun” and the title track “Requiem” provide have the power and speed of a top fuel dragster with the pedal to the metal. One track that really stands out is “The Black Rose” that brings to mind “Still in Love With You” by Thin Lizzy. With a delicate touch musically throughout, it is a showcase for frontman Mike Zoias’ extensive vocal range and a guitar solo that hits right in the heartstrings and would have made Gary Moore quite proud.

Throughout the 45 minutes of Requiem, Avarin provide progressive metal with lots of technicality, emotion, power and professional song writing. Fans of such bands as Evergrey, Fates Warning and Dream Theater have no excuse for to ignore Requiem. And for those who have been waiting for a Transcending Mortality reunion, Requiem is the album you have been waiting for. This is as close as it will ever get.

1. The Unwilling
2. Turn of the Tides
3. Shadows and Miracles
4. By Her Grave
5. The Black Rose
6. Burning Sun
7. A Shade of Doubt
8. Requiem