Modern metal Swedes unleash a modern musical fable

Always looking to stay creative as an artist is something I have mentioned before as a quality I really admire in bands.

Avatar seems to have this in spades, starting life as another generic melodic death style band but over the course of six albums have arrived at this spectacular concept.

Basically a tale of war between the Owl (the Queen of the Night) and the Eagle, bent on bringing down the Owl’s reign, the album opens very quietly with ‘Regret,’ a balladic song setting forth the story to come; also showing the amount of musical routes the band will take in the course of this album.

Next track ‘House of Eternal Hunt’ starts off like a very traditional/Euro metal track, clean guitar tones, dual harmonies and galloping drums, introducing the character of the Owl and her part in the story. ‘The Eagle has Landed’ is self explanatory. Musically the track is heavier, but subdued with a really clean and bouncy chorus, the sort of thing built for large crowds at festivals.

From here, the story takes off with all kinds of metaphors for the world we currently live in. It is a great fable of war, and terror and a very musically diverse album. That is what makes it so great. Musically it tackles everything metal to rockabilly in places, always keeping it interesting. Unlike some other concept albums, this one is rather clear in its story and message, and if the concept doesn’t interest you, musically it will keep your attention for its hour-long running time

If you have been following this band at all, it is a different musical course than the previous five albums, but still a great effort.

1. Regret
2. House of Eternal Night
3. The Eagle Has Landed
4. New Land
5. Tooth, Beak and Claw
6. For the Swarm
7. Fiddler’s Farewell
8. One More Hill
9. Black Waters
10. Night Never Ending
11. Pray the Sun Away
12. When the Snow Lies Red
13. Raven Wire
14. Sky Burial