A continuation of their growth

Brisbane’s own Aversions Crown have been noisily beavering around in the middle ground of modern technical death metal since unleashing their first album in 2011, before gaining traction internationally, being snapped up by heavy metal label Nuclear Blast and joining a stable of modern deathcore bands such as fellow Aussies Thy Art Is Murder helping to shake the foundations of concert venues around the world.

Unfortunately the band’s third vocalist change has already brought out the knives with people writing off a group that has proven more than once that they are more than capable of overcoming the biggest hurdle a band can face. Getting straight into it and proving atmospherics is something that Aversions Crown have always done well, opener The Soil sets an example from the off as a reverb heavy riff plays with a distant drum beat playing before the new vocalist Tyler Miller launches through and sonic chaos is unleashed. The pummelling refuses to abate as Born in the Gutter drives the listener down with a crushing heaviness that shows that as a group they continue to get better. Paradigm evokes into a false sense of security with its clean guitar opening as the vocals begin with a more natural bellow before they descend into all out guttural roar.

The pummelling continues with familiar atmospheric interludes building tension throughout before the band throws everything at you at once again, every time.  While this approach is great growth for them, the formula just does not feel quite complete yet.  By the time title track Hell Will Come For Us All plays through with its atmosphere/really fucking heavy/atmosphere/old deathcore breakdown dynamic, you’ve heard everything that the band have to offer. Not convinced? Hymn of Annihilation has one of the biggest deathcore breakdowns in years and it should be celebrated but it is just part of the formula by this point. Final track The Final Judgement does complete the album on a high, proving that again when the formula is pushed the band are more than just another death/death core act.

This is a band that has managed to grow with each album release (and vocalist change), with Hell Will Come For Us All being a continuation of that growth. Although formulaic, the clean and tight production allows the vocals to stand out loud and clear without any of the chaos in the background being lost. This is another fine feather in the cap of another growing Australian band.

  1. The Soil
  2. Born in the Gutter
  3. Paradigm
  4. Caught in the System
  5. Hell Will Come For Us All
  6. Scourge of Violence
  7. Hymn of Annihilation
  8. Sorrow Never Sleeps
  9. The Final Judgement