A solid mix of punk, Southern rock and metal

Starting with a groovy riff that eases you into the oncoming traffic that is ‘Thick As Thieves’, Bare Bones start out with the power to impress and a bounce to keep the pit moving, the solo near the end of the song helps inject some focus. This is a great scene setter for the album at large.

‘Deathbed Visions’ is the heaviest track on the album, full of southern style riffs and a great snap in the drums, and with vocalist Tom Kennedy helping the band sound like Australia’s answer to mid-00’s Maylene and the Sons of Disaster. In ‘Midnight Climax’ this comparison really rings true. With every riff oozing a southern hardcore feel that was prominent in the mid to late 2000s, think bands such as Every Time I Die, He Is Legend, The Bronx and a number of other bands pushing the southern hard rock feel at the time.

At times Bare Bones goes more melodic, like the chorus of ‘Skeleton Key’ and the great ‘Ravensburg’ injecting some light into the venom being spat on every track.

By the midpoint the album does feel they are sticking to a familiar formula. This is by no means to pick on them, but with the exception of the stompingly great ‘White Knuckles Black Tar’, the back half of bad Habits feels to just pass by in similar sounding fashion to the first. It has great tracks like ‘Diamond Cutter’ and the heavy and fast ‘Heavy Burner’ but something in every song starts to feel similar even though the riffs are different and I struggle throughout to drop the comparisons to Maylene, a band that I love and still listen to a fair bit.

A staunch album by another great Aussie band whose sound is a solid mix of punk, Southern rock, and heavy f’n metal, hopefully this is a great stepping stone for them to bigger and better things.

1. Thick as Thieves
2. Ravensburg
3. Deathbed Visions
4. Midnight Climax
5. Skeleton Key
6. Strange Brew
7. White Knuckles Black Tar
8. The Forgotten Fear and Fury
9. Diamond Cutter
10. Heavy Burner
11. Dead Man Walking
12. Copper in the Cast