Flashes of the greatness they could attain

The 70s gave us Suzi Quatro, Ann Wilson and Pat Benatar.

In the 80s there was Joan Jett and Chrissy Amphlett and the early 90s delivered Suze Demarchi. Since then, the hard rock world has been sadly lacking a really high-profile, influential female singer. Perhaps this near- twenty year dearth of a role model is why something seems to be amiss in the field in the current decade. Take Crystal Ignite, vocalist with Melbourne’s Bellusira for example. The lady can sing, no doubt about it, but her breathless, pitchy style fails to set her apart from the plethora of other female rock singers currently using the same technique – Lzzy Hale and Kobra Paige, among others, come to mind. Musically, Bellusira have flashes of the greatness they could attain, but their over-reliance on just a handful of hooks does them no justice; right when you’re nodding your head to the catchiness of one track, you’ll suddenly wonder where you’ve heard it before and then realise it was three tracks ago. That they keep falling back on the slow-building-verse-into-soaring-chorus arrangement also does them no favours.

Still, the musicianship is hard to fault and the production is glorious with the booming drum sound in particular really standing out, highlighting the occasional burst of polyrhythmic work. The melodies are sharp and towering and there’s some good tracks like “Culprit” and “Cachango” as well as an overall style that would appeal to fans of a band like The Butterfly Effect, but Ignite’s bland singing and the unimaginative song-writing prevent Connection from being as great an album as this band is capable of making.

1. Cachango
2. By Your Side
3. Wake up
4. Follow
5. Made of
6. Culprit
7. Soul Call
8. Closer
9. Warrior
10. Break it
11. Changed