A formidable modern melodic death metal force

This new four track effort from Melbourne’s BerserkerfoX shows a solid progression from their album of two years ago.

Indeed, this is almost a completely different band from the one that recorded History.Altar.Ashes., and the resulting combination is an even more formidable modern melodic death metal force.

Originally is not this band’s strongest suit: the raspy vocals and Maiden-via-Gothenburg melodies are hardly innovative aspects these days but BerserkerfoX isn’t trying to re-invent the wheel. Instead, they use them to serve up four solid tracks of molten metal savagery, headed up by “Inviare de Vedas” which introduces new vocalist Anthony von Grim’s coarse rasp after a dual-guitar acoustic intro. Together, the guitar team of founder Ashish Kumar and recent recruit Oscar Schiesser put together some catchy riffs with interwoven harmonies direct from the Swedish school, given a hint of groove from the bass. With the acoustic interlude in “Digging Your Own Grave” BerserkerfoX almost comes unstuck however as it doesn’t seem to flow well into the rest of the song, and von Grim’s delivery is somewhat one dimensional across the disc. They make up for this though with closing number “Profits of Revelation” that is almost a perfect melodic death metal track: the riff induces immediate head and body movement and the twin-guitar bridge into the solo would make Dark Tranquillity envious.

It may not be perfection but “New World Murder” is another example of an Australian heavy metal band showing how it’s done. If melodic death metal floats your boat then this deserves your attention.

1. Inviare de Vedas
2. The Monopoly
3. Digging Your Own Grave
4. Profits of Revelation