Expands upon everything the band has ever done

BTBAM have built a strong reputation for mixing solid prog with even more solid death metal, creating all kinds of weird and wonderful journeys with their music. In typical fashion this is part one of a wider ranging album with the second part scheduled to be released in the second half of this year.

Beginning casually, ‘Goodbye to the Gallows’ enters with an almost ethereal guitar line and soft vocal before the guitars start grinding at the one minute mark and Tommy Rogers comes scowling in, setting the scene for this newest concept album. Its basic premise lays in watching other people’s dreams as entertainment.

‘Goodbye..’ segues into ‘House Organ’ that sees Blake Richardson taking centrestage for the opening with his off tempo drumming forcing the other instruments to swirl around his playing. As the track continues its almost psychedelic feel brings with it a sense of calm, an early reprise on an album brimming with the band’s earlier heavier works in mind.

‘Yellow Eyes’ comes in as one of the heaviest tracks BTBAM has recorded in some time,  when it transitions rather seamlessly into a more relaxed atmosphere it is like nothing has changed with the intensity on show as the song builds back up to a great crescendo.

With a relatively short run time of 35 minutes, Automata I closes out the first part of the story with cliff hanger  ‘Blot’ going on a journey through all the music played in the preceding 25 mins while also expanding upon everything the band has ever attempted at the same time. Sounds crazy right? Because it is…

Automata I should rather successfully serve to bring in newer fans while also pleasing the older fans. As always BTBAM are standing in a niche of their own and doing a damn fine job of it.

  1. Goodbye to the Gallows
  2. House Organ
  3. Yellow Eyes
  4. Millions
  5. Gold Distance
  6. Blot