A fine display from a band with plenty of technical skill

Lost is a somewhat appropriate name for this enticingly rare example of early Australian thrash.

Originally released on the legendary Waterfront Records in late 1990, Lost is the one and only official release by Adelaide thrashers Bezerker, whose model of riff-laden metal follows the antecedents of Testament and Flotsam & Jetsam. Re-issued on Christmas Day last year with their 88 demo attached, Lost is a fine display from a band with plenty of technical skill and a style that was still developing.

The album opens strongly with a series of brisk, complex thrashers, displaying quite a crunchy guitar tone for an Australian metal album from 1990, and really only let down by Patrick Cummins’ under-developed vocals that grate and strain into the higher register. The song writing follows a template easily found on more well-known albums of the period, but the first half of the album is infused with Bezerker’s primal energy and enthusiasm for their craft. The second half drags a little with less of the sparkle of the first five tracks but closes strongly with The Kill that, after repeated listens, holds up as one of the era’s truly forgotten gems with some impeccable timing allowing the track to surprise with both melody and vicious attack.

Lost has a few weaknesses, but there are also a lot of strengths and the level of ability and overall execution of most of the material pointed to a much stronger and well-developed band an album or two in the future. Alas, Bezerker split up less than a year after this came out – as it stands then, it remains an echo of what could have been.

  1. Take All
  2. Yours Subliminally
  3. Against the Grain
  4. I Lost
  5. Halloween
  6. Dawn of the Dead
  7. The Finest Cut
  8. Turn From the Light
  9. Fall
  10. The Kill