Exactly the album he needed to make

Billy Graziadei, guitarist/vocalist of Biohazard fame, stepped out last year with the hardcore/hip hop/nu metal crossover Powerflo but this year has finally decided to unleash a raft of Biohazard-style hardcore under the solo guise Billy Bio. 

It has to be said that there is some weight on this release because it has been a very long time between drinks for Biohazard with internal drama all but dissolving the band at the moment.

Opening with a recorded military stomp and vocal sample before kicking the walls down and blowing the roof off with the crossover thrash, ‘Freedom’s Never Free’ is the beginning of some of the heaviest music that Billy has committed to tape in some time. Sure, his NYHC comes to the fore at times, such as the huge break down in ‘No Apologies, No Regrets’ but again it also contains some of his most aggressive music and lyrical content that is barely contained on a track like ‘Sick And Tired’. It just oozes that traditional NYHC whilst injecting some modern thrash.

The need for ‘Remedy (Interlude)’ is highly questionable as it seeks to slam on the brakes and create a moment of peace amongst the chaos, thankfully it is over in 30 seconds and the album quickly gets back on track with the autobiographical ‘Sodality’, a track that feels as close to anything Biohazard on the album with its rapped verses and groove driven flow.

As the album continues, it starts to drag a little. Perhaps ideas got a little thin on the ground, best exemplified by a second longer interlude track that again pulls on the hand brake on an album that doesn’t want or need that to happen, and the overly long closer ‘Disaffected World’ that closes with a stream of chaotic white noise.  But that isn’t to say that it is all bad. Whomever ‘Untruth’ is written about might want to avoid Billy’s grasp; a great traditional hardcore F.U. with another very traditional Biohazard style rapped vocal line.

Over all, this is exactly the album that Billy Graziadei needed to make as far as keeping himself and his brand relevant in the fast moving hardcore scene. Even with the few trip ups encased within he has managed to stay relevant as well as show the new classes what genuine punk rock rage looks and sounds like. Bravo sir!

  1. Freedom’s Never Free
  2. Feed the Fire
  3. No Apologies, No Regrets
  4. Generation Z
  5. Sick and Tired
  6. Remedy (Interlude)
  7. Sodality
  8. Rise and Slay
  9. STFU
  10. Trepidation (interlude)
  11. Untruth
  12. Enemy
  13. Disaffected World