As close to Biohazard as it’s going to get

Billy Graziadei has been around aggressive music a long time, from being one of the front men in Biohazard to a large part of Powerflo. His Billy Bio project gives him somewhere to put his bank of awesome Biohazard riffs (that band are currently on hiatus) and lyrics focused on everything that pisses him off.

As much as this album can be compared to those bands, the reason the Graziadei has had such a storied career in heavy music is that he is well aware of that, and as such sprinkles additional musical magic around throughout this album, helping to keep obvious comparisons in check.

The most obvious changes are the small but sweeping musical interludes Sheepdog, Just in the Sun and Remission don’t seem forced, but they do feel awkward amongst the hardcore and punk riffs saturating most the album. Let’s face it, it’s that hardcore pedigree that brought you here, and has you reading what I got to say.

With obvious differences successfully discussed, Leaders and Liars opens with a smack after smack until the first intermission. The only significant difference between this and Biohazard is the lack of a second vocalist. With that small exception this opens like the best Biohazard album that hasn’t been released. The powerful energy in Lost Horizon alone will cause moshing and breaking your house up with the unrelenting aggression. Follow up Turn the Wounds shows the opposite side of the coin as it re-introduces the NYHC groove and mixes it with a fast punk element.

Generation Kill ramps the intensity and pace up again, only letting go for the grooviest metal breakdown any hardcore album has managed to assemble. This track leads into a couple of the most lyrically positive tracks in Looking Up and One Life to Live, the latter having the most positive man in music, Toby Morse, guesting to add extra punk cred, just in case Graziadei himself isn’t enough.

From here the album winds up as excellently as it came in, leaving you both exhausted and hungry for more. For listeners that have never hidden a love for hardcore, and in particular the NYHC period of the 90s, this album is as close right now as a new Biohazard release is going to get. The heart beats on strongly with this project. Get in before all the cool kids catch on.

1. Black Out
2. Fallen Empires
3. Leaders and Liars
4. Lost Horizon
5. Turn the Wounds
6. Sheepdog
7. Deception
8. Generation Kill
9. Looking Up
10. One Life to Live
11. Our Scene
12. Just in the Sun
13. Enough
14. Remission
15. Cyanide