More stories of horror and gore

By now who doesn’t like modern death metal stalwarts The Black Dahlia Murder? A band that have outgrown the ‘deathcore’ tag they were labelled with early on and expanded their sound into a blast driven solo-filled frenzy of death metal chaos built up over a the course of seven albums so far.

Slowly opening with a quiet theatrical intro, ‘Widowmaker’ quickly changes course and goes straight for the throat with an unrelenting swivel eyed lunacy that the band have made their stock in trade, so album eight is continuing on the same glorious vein.

Vocalist Trevor Strnad has long spoken of his love for older horror driven death metal such as Cannibal Corpse and Malevolent Creation and on this album he has delved even further into the minds of the depraved for more stories of horror and gore. ‘Matriarch’ being one particular stand out and album closer ‘The Lonely Deceased’ containing one of the band’s best/worst stories yet, and carrying a quiet nod to black metal in the music.

With a Cannibal Corpse album due later this year and Dying Fetus having already released an absolute beast of depravity BDM needed to create an album of similar darkness or be lost among the mire of heavy music that has been released so far. And succeed they have. This album carries a darkness and depravity that the band hasn’t come close to since Ritual.

Over and out in less than 35 minutes, Nightbringers never slows down to check if you are keeping up. From the classic, thrashier sounding title track to the medieval darkness that surrounds ‘Kings of the Nightworld’ with a riff you will be humming for days afterwards and an almost death n roll feel. This album is another shining light in the great year that the metal scene has bred this year. I cannot grasp enough words to describe the happy place music like this can take me to, so come along, join in the depraved fun.

1. Widowmaker
2. Of God and Serpent, Of Spectre and Snake
3. Matriarch
4. Nightbringers
5. Jars
6. Kings of the Nightworld
7. Catacomb Hecacomb
8. As Good As Dead
9. The Lonely Deceased