A great stomp through hardcore sludge

This self released EP by Sydney based hardcore/sludge three piece band Black Rheno sounds like everything great going on in the Australian music scene right now.

The trio formed only twelve months ago in a Sydney rehearsal space and clicked well together to release this cool EP.

Kicking off with a nice dirty riff and a howl from vocalist Milla, ‘No Time For Numbs Nuts’ is a great stomp through hardcore/sludge ala Crowbar playing at their fastest and meanest, leading without rest into ‘Lock the Gate’ that opens with a riff dirty enough to be on any Red Fang album, and played twice as mean.

The feel of this twenty minute snap shot of tunes is vicious all the way through, never really letting up, but always carrying a solid boogie vibe like on Clutch worship track ‘Rampage’ and best expressed on ‘Blah Blah Blah’ and ‘First World Bitches’, where the song slows down for a 30 second rest before taking off again.

The only issue is the lo-fi production. Perhaps that’s the way Black Rheno wanted it to keep the ‘sludge’ feel of their music or perhaps it is a cost/time issue. It doesn’t take away from the quality of the music much and perhaps we are all a bit spoilt with super loud and crisp production these days.

I have written before about how great I feel the talent is in Australia right now, and this band are one more brilliant example of the individual music created here on our shores.

1. No Time For Numb Nuts
2. Lock The Gate
3. First World Bitches
4. Destruction Line
5. Rampage
6. Blah Blah Blah