A blackened wash of biting guitars

The title track of this EP from Sydney’s doom duumvirate Black Trillium opens the proceedings with a very delicate passage that segues into a blackened wash of biting guitars, dry drums and vocals that alternate from hauntingly morose cleans to the darkest grunts and growls and the My Dying Bride-esque “The Perfumed Garden” subscribes to a similar ethos, yet a bit slower and darker throughout.

“My Decline” changes gears a bit by speeding up into something that resembles later era Candlemass with a driving riff and beat that could move certain appendages quite easily and the album closer “Rage Fuels My Masterpiece” goes off into a modern black metal territory mashed with an underpinning of groove laden death metal that results in quite a hard hitting piece to tie up proceedings.

One thing that can curse debut outings from new bands is very low quality recording, but the gentlemen from Black Trillum have taken due care and created a professional sounding release that could lead to a very promising full length release down the road. It’s safe to say, we could be hearing more from the Black Trillium camp in the near future.

1. The Locked Woods
2. My Decline
3. The Perfumed Garden
4. Rage Fuels My Masterpiece