Blistering solos, speed and aggression are at the forefront

Lord Tim (Lord and Dungeon) and Ricky Boon (Serenity Defiled and Fury) formed Blackened Angel with the tidea of amalgamating their talents and friendship and creating an intriguing metal collision of genres.

With Boon’s thrash riffs and frenetic guitar pieces combining with Tim’s power metal roots, the results are simply stunning.

The Chronicles of Damnation is a concept album detailing one man’s rise from mere mortal to the Blackened Angel himself. With atmospheric intros and orchestrated scores across the album, this release stands alone amongst the Australian metal scene as an epic, the likes we’ve never seen accomplished or attempted previously. If there was a call for a metal soundtrack Game of Thrones, then this could be it.

Blistering solos, speed and aggression are at the forefront; however, there are structures, subtle gear changes. From the galloping rage of lead track ‘Purgatory’ to the marauding effort of ‘Revelation, Arise’, this album excels in storytelling aligned with riff upon riff.

LT’s vocals are scathing but clear enough for the audience to follow the story and suit the wall of sound perfectly. Duelling guitars feature; ‘A Figure in Black’ highlighting the chemistry between Boon and LT. Leaning more towards a thrash element, Blackened Angel diversifies with black metal touches as LT announces “Alas, I know now who I am”. The atmosphere encapsulated is something to behold and best enjoyed with a decent pair of headphones. For instance, the pervading tone of ‘Prophecy of War’ is daunting. The ensuing galloping nature of the song develops, coupled with a killer solo before trailing off to the sounds of battleground victory.

Bar the intros and scene setting, this is relentless, ranging from thrashier tracks such as ‘Heavens Fall’ to the more gradually building and orchestral overtones of ‘Civil War’. ‘Alone’, the epic final shredding track tails off to a man querying his mortality amongst the trail of destruction.

For fans of Amon Amarth, but not even have the Viking masters attempted anything this vast.

And So It Ends
Hell’s Gate
A Figure in Black
Of Wings and White
Revelation, Arise
The Blackened Angel
Prophecy of War
The Crimson Dawn
Heaven’s Fall
And There Was Silence
Dark Victory
Campaign of Death
Realisation (The Army of the Black)
Civil War
A Bloody End
Night People