The definition of ‘for the fans’.

Rumblings began early this year that Bleeding Through were on the comeback trail, and that an album was ready to be released. The result is Love Will Kill All,  made without the usual constraints of media or fan chatter.

Cinematic opener ‘Darkness a Feeling I Know’ feels more like a twisted short interlude from a theatre musical than the beginning of a comeback album from a metalcore band. This is followed rapidly, and thankfully, with ‘Fade Into The Ash’ and shows that everything the band did formula-wise is still all present and correct as if they never took any time away from the limelight. Big chorus, heavy fast guitar, breakdown, and the aspect that made them a bit different, the haunting keyboards floating delicately in the background breaking things up.

That has been Bleeding Through’s stock in trade since their debut, and for all it is worth the band continue through this album with only slight moderation to the formula. The keyboard lead break in ‘Buried’ adds a certain something to the track. ‘No Friends’ opens with the refrain of BT2018 and sounds closer to a tough guy Winds of Plague song with the exception of the clean vocals that actually only make rare appearances throughout. Closer ‘Life’ is perhaps the best song on the album due to Marta Peterson’s vocal input adding some extra texture.

Sadly, it is the formulaic nature of Love Will Kill All that has puts me off. Despite the small nuances here, it just feels bland from the lack of variety. Some may argue that other bands have gotten away with it for the longest time, and while I can’t argue that fact perhaps they do it better than this? After several listens, nothing sticks in the memory wall other than the fact it all just blends together in one big metalcore+atmospheric keyboard mess. This album is the absolute definition of ‘for the fans’.

  1. Darkness a Feeling I Know
  2. Fade Into the Ash
  3. End Us
  4. Cold World
  5. Dead Eyes
  6. Buried
  7. No Friends
  8. Set Me Free
  9. No One From Nowhere
  10. Remains
  11. Slave
  12. Life