The perfect companion to any pub crawl

Local Perth punk band Blindspot have been one of the hardest working bands in town the last two years, playing endless shows and garnering support for their debut album, Drink and Laugh!

From the band’s energetic live shows to their penchant to cover the absurd (the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme and Sir Mix A Lot’s ‘Baby Got Back’ to name two), Blindspot have created a niche in the local scene with their take on musical shenanigans and all things punk.

‘Something Serious’ kicks off the album with the title either a classic “taking the piss” moment or an actual serious (pardon the pun) attempt at a more mature offering. With a similar vibe to that of Bodyjar on the lead off riff, the track highlights the band’s melodic capabilities and whilst the vocals are a little weak at time the overall result is solid.

Things return to Blindspot normal thereafter with ‘Drinking’ and ‘Back of the Bar’ releasing more fervour, more pace and the usual over the top lyrics that stem from excessive amber liquid consumption. ‘My Mate Nick; screams mongrel UK 70s bravado and despite its lack of subtlety (“He’s a mad cunt”), it comes off as a charming albeit insane anecdote.

‘Ska Wars’ shows another side of the band altogether with an accompanying trumpet section, whilst drunken buffoonery ensues in the title track – “We just want a drink, ya cunt”. The album ends with an acoustic ode, ‘Facebook Song’ that begs the listener to like, coincidently, their Facebook page.

Recently added to the Perth leg of the Hits and Pits festival, Blindspot are the perfect companion to any pub crawl, skate park or for that short trek between home to the pub. With a combo of three vocalists used on any particular song, you can be sure you’ll enjoy Drink and Laugh! Just use in moderation.

1.  Something Serious
2. Drinking
3. Back of the Bar
4. Breakdown in E
5. My Mate Nick
6. Round the Twist
7. Ska Wars
8. Big Fish Little Fish Cardboard Box
9. Drink and Laugh
10. Facebook Song