Chaotic music for chaotic times

Shane Embury doesn’t appear to be the sort of person that likes to take a break. While currently working towards both new Napalm Death and Venomous Concept albums, he has managed to find time to record and release this album of considerable brutality, teaming up with Mick Kenney of British black/grind proprietors Anaal Nathrakh and Duncan Wilkins from Fuckpig.

Opening with quiet ambience is unexpected to say the least, but that is exactly what happens ahead of the grind of ‘Brutality Alchemist’ opening proceedings proper. Instantly snapping necks and making ears bleed – what more could you expect from this bastard child of British grind?

From here the album is pretty well the kind of madness you would hope to get from its members, with precise ‘live’ sounding programmed drums adding to the attack. There is no sudden turn to the realms of hard rock or much in the way of melody.  This is chaotic music for chaotic times.

The sum of its parts are sometimes clearer than others, particularly when the keyboards are more evident on tracks like ‘Corruption Feeds Deception’ that bleeds the Anaal Nathrakh darkness in. All the while Napalm Death is writ large in many ways, whether it is the early manic grind of ‘How Barren is Life Without Sin’ or the more modern sounding ‘Penetrate the Descent’.

This is an album for fans of grind that know exactly what they are looking for. The barrage is relentless and unending, but over in less than 20 minutes, barely giving up any of its secrets until multiple plays are had.  There are intricacies throughout, particularly with the use of keyboards for atmospherics and layers of vocals that do not make themselves apparent immediately: this is music that has to be ingested as much as listened to.

  1. When The Heart Is Violated (The Universe Remembers)
  2. Brutality Alchemist
  3. Genesis Misconception
  4. The Virus Is Within Us All
  5. As He Creates So He Destroys
  6. Penetrate The Descent
  7. The Death Of Dreams
  8. Poisoning Purity
  9. Negativity Plague
  10. Corruption Feeds Deception
  11. Tiyanak
  12. How Barren Is Life Without Sin