Found a bite that they have been missing for some time

This band started life on the cutting edge of several sounds, predominantly the metal core and djent ends of the modern metal spectrum with a healthy dose of prog thrown in for effect.

Across a spectrum of albums and member changes they began to grow a little stale, resting on their early success and churning out some interesting but not altogether cohesive material.  With this, the first of two releases planned this year, Born of Osiris may have rediscovered their fire.

‘The Accursed’ opens the album with an electronic hum before the synth and drum combo come in, displaying that the band are prepared to become pack leaders again with a sound that is on one hand reminiscent of their older material whilst also being more forward looking. This carries seamlessly into ‘Disconnectome’ that begins with a cinematic drum intro before descending into the darkness they have only pointed to previously as it moves through harsh tones and stop start rhythms.

As the album goes on, it’s obvious Born of Osiris has streamlined themselves for the sake of the quality output. Every track is short and to the point without too much prog or djent meandering. At times this leads to a very accessible sound, ‘Under The Gun’ being the peak of this, with a keyboard solo at the heart of the track really driving the mood along with a vocal approach not too far from the one used by Oli Sykes as his band Bring Me The Horizon grew away from their formative deathcore roots.  This formula makes for a very enjoyable listen amongst the chaos that surrounds.

With a run time under 30 minutes, it never feels like it is over done unlike their last couple of releases that were packed with more filler than a doughnut at the local servo. The second half of the album plays out as well as the opening set of tracks, with a particular highlight being ‘Silence the Echo’, where the Meshuggah influence is writ large early on before the band change on a dime for melodic territory.

If you a looking for new musical terrain this album will be a great start. Born of Osiris have found a bite that they have been missing for some time, aided by the condensed runtime.


  1. The Accursed
  2. Disconnectome
  3. Cycles Of Tragedy
  4. Under The Gun
  5. Recursion
  6. Analogs In A Cell
  7. Silence The Echo
  8. One Without The Other