Standard, play-by-numbers melodic metalcore

It’s important to have a solid bio package when you’re a newish band trying to establish a foothold in a busy market, but it also often appropriate to apply a little restraint.

Having a press sheet that basically says your band is some kind of herald of a new paradigm in music is pretty ridiculous regardless of who you are, especially when you’re a band that no one’s really heard about before. As our occasional contributor Jamie Whiskers pointed out to me, at least the use of phrases like “an advanced prototype of heavy music” and “impacting on your body like a car crashing into a brick wall” are attention grabbing, and they certainly got me intrigued enough to give Divisions a couple of spins.

Unfortunately, their gloriously over-written PR ultimately gave me plenty of ammunition to use against them – and that’s really a little unfair. Certainly these lads are “experienced, technically-minded musicians” insofar as they’ve been in bands before and can play, but their focus on “creating something unique” has yet to crystalise – Divisions is pretty standard, play-by-numbers melodic metalcore. It isn’t terrible but it’s far from outstanding and I have to say that Bound for Ruin has a lyrical sophistication that’s far beyond the usual temper tantrums and fits of frustrated rage that hinder many similar bands. It is an aspect that makes them stand out a little from this stupidly over-crowded genre. But as much as Divisions is well performed, it suffers the same fate as many others: musically, they simply aren’t different enough and don’t have adequately catchy songs to leave a car-crashing-into-a-wall impact. That, coupled with rather bland production, makes Bound for Ruin fall some way short of the promises made in their publicity blurb.

With all that said, they certainly have the potential and ability to do better. They’re far from the worst band ever, but they’re not really very original either.

1. Always Have
2. Meant for Better
3. Erase the Mute
4. Divisions
5. Broken Staircase
6. From the Ashes
7. Reprisal
8. Truth of Reality
9. I Cast This Shadow
10. Keyhole Witness
11. Ides of March
12. My Perfect Scar