A strong emphasis on memorable structure and songwriting

Ironically emerging from Australia’s Sunshine State, A Breach of Silence invoke an apocalyptic storm with the release of their debut album Dead or Alive.

Right from the get-go this five-piece take no prisoners with their infusion of screamo and power metal stylings, blending both to great effect with new vocalist Corey Staples growling confidently whilst most surprisingly an astonishing clean vocal performance from bassist Blair Layt, which at times exceeds vibrato levels of Rob Halford.

“Blind” opens proceedings with confidence boasting a memorable chorus that would sit comfortably on a Soilwork album. The impressive “Dawn to Rise” opens with a vibrato trill before blasting into a slick metalcore riff-fest reminiscent of an obvious influence from Killswitch Engage. The chorus is another sweet ear-worm that shows a strong emphasis on memorable structure and songwriting.

The album marches on a similar vein, with no song outstaying its welcome; instead the flourishes of dual guitar harmonies, breakdowns and electronic pulses are welcomed in bursts throughout, making for a stimulating listening experience that doesn’t focus on familiar tropes that have bogged down this particular breed of metal.

For a good overall representation of the best elements of this album it’s hard to deny “There Will be Blood” as a standout. “Night Rider’s” lyrics call out to the album title and the ‘jump off the shelf’ cover-art giving an extra dimension of cohesion to the overall package.

Employing the talent of producer Fredrik Nordström to finesse this into a fully realized work has done wonders for the overall sound (just take a gaze through his impressive body of production work), everything sounds as slick and polished as it could be.

A Breach of Silence have released an outstanding debut that will no doubt project them to the forefront of the Australian scene, and if they play their cards right, international success should come knocking.

1. Blind
2. Dawn to Rise
3. Circles
4. Eyes of the Enemy
5. Empty Smile
6. Hollow Grounds
7. Night Rider
8. To Oblivion
9. Like Sands Through the Hourglass
10. There Will Be Blood
11. Final Breath