Uplifting and defiant

For two albums now, A Breach of Silence have made a conscious and deliberate effort to make themselves stand out from the faceless sea of other metalcore bands.

So it comes as both a surprise and something of a disappointment that the opening track and first single of new album Secrets is so generic it could have come directly from The Amity Affliction’s current playbook. It’s not the only time A Breach of Silence puts feet wrong here: their cover of “Shameless (The Weeknd)” completely fails to come off. They’re a couple of stains on an otherwise solid third release.

With their style now well established, A Breach of Silence seem content to take less risks than on previous albums, unless an outright homage to 80s hair metal constitutes risk. Instead, this time they have concentrated on what they already know to make an upbeat and fun record that sweeps the listener along with catchy riffs, twin guitar melodies, down-tuned breakdowns and grooves and their unique blending of Killswitch-influenced metalcore and old school metal tropes. Tracks like “Buzz Killington” and “Nightcrawler” are fearsomely heavy while “Fair Weather Friends” treads the line that “Falling Away” traverses without taking the same stumble into predictability.

There are some sweet high notes in the vocals that are otherwise a tad standard issue, the most outstanding of these come in the last song, “Sugar and Spice”, where A Breach of Silence go full-on hair metal for just over three glorious minutes, wrapping the album in a manner that echoes the vibe of Secrets as a whole, uplifting and defiant.

  1. Falling Away
  2. Ride or Die
  3. Undefeated
  4. Secrets
  5. Nightcrawler
  6. Fair Weather Friends
  7. Buzz Killington
  8. The Revelator
  9. A Better Place
  10. Broken
  11. Shameless (The Weeknd)
  12. Dethroned
  13. Sugar and Spice