A mass of guttural melodic groov

Book-ended by two chugging instrumental riffs, Bronson’s full length debut, Blood Brothers, is a mass of guttural melodic groove.

The Melbourne hardcore act blend a bit of that Hatebreed mayhem in their music as well as incorporating some nice subtleties that perhaps weren’t expected on the new release. One such nuance is the use of female vocalist Kimberly Ward who appears on the ‘The Dispossessed’ and the epically proportioned ‘Blood Brothers’.

‘Right to Fight’ is the ignition to start the album, bursting with a groove metal riff that revolves around vocalist Jay Clair’s growls of pain. ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ builds gradually before once more exploding from the speakers. It’s clear Bronson want to be known as more than just a hardcore band as these tracks, whilst maintaining aggression, are not all straight out fast beats. The guitar work across Blood Brothers is more challenging than you’ll likely hear on a straight out hardcore album, and in saying that, there are some absolute face rippers.

‘Assassins Greed’ is one such face-melting moment, Clair leading off with the telling lyric, “Take a look in the fuckin’ mirror”! ‘Crushed by Demons’ is another brutal slab, emulating a similar all encompassing power base that Sydney band LO! successfully created on their epic Monstrorum Historia release of earlier this year.

The album concludes with the self titled track, where the band endeavour to incorporate hardcore, doom metal and a nice solo into the vast seven minute track. Be sure not to miss them live.

1. Vivez sur vos Pieds….
2. Right to Fight
3. The Dispossessed
4. Weapons of Mass Destruction
5. Assassins Greed
6. Crushed by Demons
7. Fallout
8. Revenge
9. Claim the Throne
10. Blood Brothers
11. …Ou Mourez sur vos Genoux