Reaches a precipice and then steps back

This is the first album in nearly 16 years for faux Mexican deathgrind ensemble Brujeria.

Juan Brujo and his mates are back, starting out with a quiet Spanish spoken word piece, then in comes a mad voice, a police helicopter, and it all kicks off.

I am in two minds here. This is still Brujeria, and they have gone back to the deathgrind sound of pre-Brujerizmo albums while holding onto the groove of that, but I remember when this band properly scared me, and I don’t feel that here, yet.

It certainly kicks up more in the next few tracks, and a quick search for Spanish to English translations has me a little more concerned. The lyrics are the usual stuff from these guys, but with some more political stuff thrown in for good measure, aimed squarely at the US over immigration policies and racial divides, serious and thoroughly tongue in cheek at the same time. A couple of tracks slow down the album, and pad out the overall groove feel, the best of these being “Plato o Plomo” (not the Soulfly song).

Overall, I really wanted this to take my breath away, but it never does. It reaches a precipice and then steps back. By no means a bad album, I find myself humming the chorus of the title track, and “Angel de la Frontera”, and the Dead Kennedys cover is brilliant, but beyond that, if you like your deathgrind to be very meat ‘n potatoes, here it is. Enjoy.

1.    Pocho Aztlan
2.    No Aceptan Imitaciones (Accept No Imitations)
3.    Profecía del Anticristo (Antichrist’s Prophecy)
4.    Ángel de la Frontera (Angel of the Border)
5.    Plata o Plomo (Money or Lead)
6.    Satongo
7.    Isla de la Fantasia (Fantasy Island)
8.    Bruja (Witch)
9.    México Campeón (Mexico Champion)
10.    Culpan la Mujer (They Blame the Woman)
11.    Códigos (Codes)
12.    Debilador
13.    California Uber Aztlan