A pretty decent hard rock release

Buckcherry seems to have recovered from the gloom and doom that overshadowed their last album and get back to basics with All Night Long, an offering more in tune with their endless partying vibe than the ponderous and distinctly un-fun Black Butterfly.

Once again making extensive use of the songwriting talents of Marti Frederiksen — surely this generation’s Desmond Child — Josh Todd and the lads get straight down to rocking on the title cut and keep things on track for the next seven or eight, through the AC/DC stylings of “Oh My Lord”, the Cinderella-esque “Liberty” and the pop-laced “These Things”. Only the stock-standard power ballad “I Want You” interrupts the flow of the good time rocking out. Buckcherry do their best work when they’re not thinking too much nor depending on their audience to do so, and for the most part All Night Long succeeds in this regard. So despite the earnest good intentions, chucking on a topical piece about the Gulf oil spill like “Our World” simply rings a bit hollow when surrounded by fluff pieces about partying down and getting loaded. It’s like finding a song about spousal abuse on a Guns N Roses album.

Still, with the exception of a couple of sappy ballads, Buckcherry has put together a pretty decent hard rock release, with the deluxe edition also including another 25 minutes’ worth of tunes in the shape of the acoustic “Reckless Sons” EP that sees the boys maintaining a distinctly rocking edge even without cranking the distortion. It’s definitely worth adding to the playlist of your next night of alcohol-fuelled mayhem.

1. All Night Long
2. It’s  A Party
3. These Things
4. Oh My Lord
5. Recovery
6. Never Say Never
7. I Want You
8. Liberty
9. Our World
10. Bliss
11. Dead