A pretty average album

Founding guitarist Keith Nelson and long-serving drummer Xavier Muriel having walked after the previous album cycle, Warpaint serves as the return of latter-day LA rockers Buckcherry following another long break and reconstruction of the line-up.

Despite the upheaval, not much has changed in the musical department, getting straight down to hard rocking business on the title track like they haven’t missed a beat. It’s an AC/DC vibe that suits Josh Todd’s vocal rasp and shows promise.

That promise isn’t really delivered. While there is plenty of swagger and groove, Warpaint never quite gets its hooks in. Songs like “Bent” and “No Regrets” offer plenty of rock and roll bluster, and “Closer” has the album’s best and heaviest riff, but on “The Alarm” Todd sounds strident and grating and “The Hunger” is a pretty standard power ballad that, like most of the songs, doesn’t really stand out from average hard rock fare. The much-hyped cover of “Head Like a Hole” completely  misses the mark, with none of the emotional weight or frustration of Trent Reznor’s original. It’s frankly an embarrassment.

Warpaint might satisfy an appetite for some old school rock for a while, but it doesn’t really hit any heights. Two or three songs aside, this is a pretty average album.

  1. Warpaint
  2. Right Now
  3. Head Like a Hole
  4. Radio Song
  5. The Vacuum
  6. Bent
  7. Back Down
  8. The Alarm
  9. No Regrets
  10. The Hunger
  11. Closer
  12. The Devil’s in the Details